Atmosphere when is it being updated?

Trying to figure out when this is going to be updated? My switch has updated so i can’t use CFW?

I don’t understand what you mean.
Please provide more information and / or a source to get help.

I searched for it and you probably mean this project:

Open an issue there If you have a project related question. This forum here is for general git and GitHub questions, but not for every single project hosted on GitHub.
Additionally, as already stated above, provide more information the next time.

I was using version 12 for the Nintendo system software as soon as I updated to 13.0 I could no longer use the custom firmware

Please read what I answered previously.
Open an issue on their repository page. I already gave you the link.

I have already tried opening an issue and it doesn’t let me

What exactly doesn’t work? I just tried it by myself and it’s working.
Please provide screenshots.