Atmega2560 CNC - Steppers work in Arduino Language but does not with any CNC controller (g-code)

Hello everyone,

I am new in CNC projects and that is the first CNC I am doing actually.

My equipment and setup :

  • an ATMEGA2560 

  • a ramps 1.4 for shield 

  • 4 stepper drivers 

  • a cc generator (set on 12 V)

  • I followed the enclosed wiring on

My problem is that by giving instruction on the arduino IDE I got a response of the steppers but I can’t get any movement of my steppers (on Y or X axis) when I try to jog them or by sending any nc files. However, commands are properly send as you can see on the attached screenshot. When sending a nc files it actives a green “Active state : jog” and discplay a work and machine position while the steppers aren’t moving a bit or making a noise.

I well have a voltage of 12V on every pins I verified. In despite of this inertial state for every motor I notice some movement when I connect motors on E1 or E2 connectors, but only when I open a nc file ! 

I’ll be really grateful for any answer someone can bring me on this issue,