Associating a check_run with a specific Action Run

I’m currently using the developer-preview Checks API in order to create a check_run during a GitHub Actions Workflow Run. You can see the code that I’m using to do this here.

I’m using this approach to attach a report of test results that are executed by the Workflow, you can see an example of this report here.

The issue is that when multiple Workflows are defined and executed for a particular commit, the Check Run is not necessarily associated with the Workflow Run that created the Check Run. Since a Check Run is simply created based on a commit hash, and both Workflow Runs are associated with the same commit hash, the Check Run is seemingly associated with any one of them at random.

Is there a way to specifically identify a Workflow Run to target when creating a Check Run?

ALTERNATIVELY – if the above cannot be achieved, instead of creating/associating a Check Run, is there some way to produce an Annotation or Check message associated with a specific Workflow Run, such as the Check Failure produced by GitHub seen here?


Currently, we seem do not have methods to specify workflow run (or check suite) for the new check created via the “Create a check run” API.

Below is an earlier reported topic about the same question:

And we have reported this question to the appropriate engineering team for further discussion and evaluation.