Associate a Check Run with a Workflow

There doesn’t seem to be a way to associate a Check Run with the Workflow that created it, so it’s possible that the Check Run gets displayed in the UI under a different workflow that is not foo.

Here’s a screenshot with an example where the acceptance workflow (visual-diff job specifically) creates the Visual Snapshots Check Run, but it is being added under the python Workflow:

Thanks for your feedback.
I have reported it to GitHub engineering team, let’s wait for their response. If have any update, i will notify you. Thanks for your understanding.

I have the same issue where I create certain checks inside a workflow but they show up in another workflow.

Is there any way to specify where these custom checks show up? I tried peering into their associated Check Suite but didn’t have any luck. And to clarify, the reason I’m creating these checks within jobs is to take advantage of check annotations instead of a less sophisticated pass/fail indication.