Assigning an issue to multiple team members is broken?

Trying to assign an issue to multiple team members (All part of the team for the repository)

It only seems to let me to assign to one single user at a time.

If the repository is not assigned to a team then I can assign to multiple individuals, if part of a team then just one only?  Is this expected behaviour or broken?

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I’m not seeing the same behavior - I checked issue detail (like [[org-name]/[repo-name]/issue/issue-id] and issue list (like[org-name]/[repo-name]/issues). I checked a few different repos with different configurations[org-name]/[repo-name]/settings/access, too, in case that comes into play. As long as they have write or more access via the individual, a team, or a child team, I’m able to make multiple assignments (up to ten) at once. I’d love to help more - can you provide more details about your repository’s access setup, and on how you are making that first assignment and what you’re seeing after you make the first assignment?

I’m having the same problem.

My repo (private, Team-based access) allows only one assignee per issue.

I’m in another repo which uses individual permissions (not Team-based), and it allows multiple assignees.

Are we positive there’s no limitation on team-based repos?

EDIT: I also just realized, the repo is in an organization, and the team is attached to the org - maybe that’s another layer of complication?