Assign developers with access to update only one folder in Git Repo

I have a Git repo in which we maintain our Infrastructure code, Lets say Repo1.

Repo1 also has some application specific configuration in Folder1. This configuration is updated by developers. I update the rest of the code. 
Whenever we make any commit to the repo a jenkins job is triggered which updates the environments.

Now, I dont want developers to make changes to any other code except the configuration in Folder1. But at the same time I dont want two repos with 2 Jenkins job. I still want to be able to use only 1 jenkins job with possible 1 git repo which is being triggered by the changes made by either the developers or myself.

So is it possible that I restrict developers to only be able to make changes to Folder1 in the Repo1?

Note - I have read about submodules. But it requires me to create two repos and I will have to manually pull the changes from the submodules regularly to trigger the jenkins job from main repository.

For this kind of thing, you can use protected branches and, if there’s more than one of you that can edit everything, you can use CODEOWNERS as well. Protected branches will allow you to prevent people from pushing to a branch that you deploy from or merging to that branch without specific things, like an approved PR.

While CODEOWNERS is only useful if you have more than one person that can approve changes to sensitive areas, you could possibly implement a GitHub Action that blocks any PR that includes changes to areas that weren’t made by the right people.

Let us know if you have more questions.