Assembler interface to GFortran

  1. Pixel reading
    .global pixel
    Pushl %ebp
    Movl %esp,%ebp
    Movb $12,%ah
    Les 14(%ebp),%ebx
    Mov %es:(%ebx),%al
    Les 10(%ebp),%ebx
    Mov %es:(%ebx),%dx
    Les 6(%ebp),%ebx
    Mov %es:(%ebx),%cx
    int $0x10
    Movl %esp,%ebp
    Pop %ebp
    Ret $12

  2. Screen changing from text mode to graphics mode and vice versa.
    .global screen
    Pushl %ebp
    Movl %esp,%ebp
    Movb $0,%ah
    Les 6(%ebp),%ebx
    Mov %es:(%ebx),%al
    int $0x10
    Movl %esp,%ebp
    Pop %ebp
    Ret $04

  3. Color changing from text color and background color
    .global Color
    .Section .DATA
    B DB ?
    F DB ?
    C DB 32
    PUSH %ebp
    MOV %ebp,%esp
    LES 10(%ebp),%esi
    MOV %ES:[%ESI],%bl
    MOV B,%BL
    MOV $11,%ah
    MOV $0,%bh
    MOV %BL,B
    INT $0x16
    LES 6(%ebp),%esi
    MOV %ES:[%ESI],%bl
    MOV F,%BL
    CMP B,8
    JG A10
    CMP F,15
    JG A10
    MOV %AL,B
    MUL C
    ADD %AL,F
    MOV B,%AL
    MOV %AH,9
    MOV $AL,’ ’
    MOV %BL,B
    MOV %BH,0
    MOV %CX,2000
    INT $0x16
    A10: MOV %esp,%ebp
    POP %ebp
    RET $8

If any errors in the above mentioned three routines please let us know the correct routines publish in this community.

Please let us know the correct synyax of the above mentioned three assembly routines to Toshiba Satellite A 205,Intel Core*2 Duo Centrino chip processor 386 Laptop with
Windows 7 OS.

Is there any online help available with books related to Assembly Language,GFotran the above mentioned Laptop configuration?I am teaching to fresh graduates GFortran/MSFortran77,90/2003 & Assembly Languages.
If any experienced GFortran,GAssembler Application Engineers,Software Developers,compiler developers available for help me teach for the fresh,younger generation with free.

Waiting for your esteemed help to teach for the younger generations.
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This is not related to GitHub. You should better find a more appropriate forum or discord server for your specific GFortran issues.

Sorry for the trouble.
If you don’t mind, help required i have contacted so many forums but everybody say no.