c# web forms

hi guys, im new to github and just created my account. I am hoping that i will get some sort of help regarding my problem that I am having. So I am using a macbook with visual studion 2019 for mac and when i create a new ASP.NET web form with a code behind, the controls that i declared such as textboxes , buttons and dropdownlist that i am using to test. Those controls are not recognized in the code behind, it says the name “name of control” does not exist in the current context.

any suggestions and solutions to what might be wrong will be helpful. Thanks

Could you post code snippets or screenshots?

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ibid @gavynbryan’s response. Code helps. However with nothing to go on, I’ve seen this often when I copy or move a webform. Visual Studio VERY often inconsistently maintains the class names of the copied/moved classes. Right click on the .cs file and the .Designer.cs and select view code for each and make sure that the class declarations jive.

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