Ask about GitHub hosted runners ARM64 platform support

Currently, there are more and more wide application of ARM architecture resources, not only in embedded or mobile devices, but also general servers, for example, Cloud vendors like AWS started to provided ARM arch resources for customers. Now we are trying to promote many popular opensource projects to support running on ARM64 platform, we have contributed to the opensource projects to make it can be built and testing on ARM64 server, one important step is to help the opensource community to setup ARM CI infrastructure as the development gating. Until now, we have done that in Hadoop, Spark, Pytorch and so on. There is a primary landscape to show what projects we have done[1].

Now more and more projects now are using Github Action as CI platform, while the official Github hosted runners currently does not support ARM64 platform. So I would like to ask if there is any plan about support ARM resources in Github hosted runners in the future?

I have also noticed there are already some tickets here discussed about github action ARM64 support and some people suggested to use self hosted runners by providing ARM64 server, actually we have already provided some ARM64 servers to Apache CI infra see[2] and we are pleasure to donate ARM server(VMs) for these opensource community to build ARM CI. But as we know, for public github repositories, there are security concerns for using self hosted runners. so I am afraid most opensource community may refuse this approach. Any suggestion ?

[1] Arm CI Landscape

ARM support is not on the public roadmap, at least so far: GitHub public roadmap · GitHub

The runner doesn’t support it yet either it seems:
Add ARM + MacOS target to be able to use on self-hosted runners · Issue #805 · actions/runner · GitHub
On the other hand, it is possible to execute x86_64 code on Apple silicon (M1) with Rosetta, but since self-hosted runners are not an option for you, it doesn’t really help.