Hello! I would like to use artstation-likes-scraper but I have no idea how GitHub works could someone help me? I am on a mac.

On the install section you can find the instructions:

git clone
cd artstation-likes-scraper
npm install

 To use the first command you need git install on your mac:

The npm command is the node package manager to use that you need node.js:

Follow this instruction and you can use artstation-likes-scraper.

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Hi Wabri! Then what do I do to run “downloadLikes()Download the assets for a like or an array of likes in series to the target directory.”?

Sorry for the late reply…

Did you install git and node?

Did you clone the repository with git command?

git clone

After that you need to move inside of that directory with cd command:

cd artstation-likes-scraper

and finally you have to run this command:

npm install

Then with a editor you have to edit the line 2 with your user name of this file app-settings-ts, for example:

export const Settings = {
  userName: 'Wabri',
  downloadLocation: './build/downloads/',
  hashes: './build/hashes.json'

There are no more info about the run so I Imagine that you need to run typescript command with the name of the index file, something like this:

tsc index.ts

But I dont promise it will work. Tomorrow i can do more research.

All good! What do you mean “move inside?” and what’s a cd command?

For “move inside” I mean change directory, the cd is a command line. If you know nothing about it, you can find some info at wikipedia or you can search “command line shell mac” on a search engine (google, duckduckgo, bing, etc. etc.) to get more infos.

I’ve seen those before, but could you spell it out for me exactly what I to do?

Would you be interested in doing something like a zoom call to walk me through it? I could compesate you. I’m a-no-savvy