Artificial intelligence help

Hello all, a few years ago there was a”Jarvis” like program AI, NOT LINKS. I had the contact details for the guy that started it and thought I had saved the page, but I cannot locate the program or the guy (he was USA guy). At the time it was open source and I am hoping that someone on the forum will have worked on it or remember what it was called or where it went. From memory it may have been C++ with python plugins. At the time I was not ready for the program as I was still building my components that when I got finished could plug in and operate with it. Any help would be appreciated. Now on the off chance he sold out to someone can anyone suggest a voice controlled Ai program that will allow sub programs to link in and run with it. I have some autonomous items that are complex. ( at the time the guy who had this program said his program could cope with what I was doing. So in advance, thanks for the help.

Ok update, I had a brain fade everyone, so disregard all the above I wrote. The simple reason being I am on the forum that runs the program I need to use, links mega-voice. As I said it’s been a few years. I was thinking this site was Jarvis lite that was not what I was looking for. So my apologies. Kind regards