Artificial Intelligence Coding

The everyday job of coding has become much more complicated over the past decade. With so many services, frameworks, and platforms to contend with, developers can hardly be expected to be know every single line of code out of their head or a rifle through documentation.

Pretty much all Integrated Development Environments, or IDEs, have code completion features. These help a developer to properly code statements, especially functions, thereby reducing the number of coding errors. In addition, IDEs have the ability to build code elements such as database access code, GUIs or web forms from templates. This helps to jumpstart tedious programming tasks while insuring they are properly formed.

The latest generation of coding aids is taking this a step further with artificial intelligence (AI) assistants. Using AI assistants, more complex code can be built by the development environment. This will remove some of the complexity of advanced coding tasks such as AI and data analysis while reducing mistakes that slow down projects.

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