Art project: text to location support needed


Currently I’m working on a series of photo’s within the theme ‘to infinity and beyond’. This years theme for BredaPhoto, one of the biggest photo festivals in The Netherlands.

My intention is to create a series of photo’s in close collaboration with machine learning (AI like) software. The idea is to start with a text (part of a book or maybe a poem) and see where machine learning is coming up with. So far so good. for example is a great tool for text analysis. It provides me with e.g. sentiment- and intent analysis.

What I’m missing so far is a way to analysis text and getting clues about a location (where the story or poem is taking place). Wheter or not or not the analysis is correct, that’s not really important.

Somebody out here who’s got a dataset or great idea’s to achieve this goal? A valuable dataset, algorithm or just a good idea?