Are there any ways the images in my repo can be protected?

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I have purchased a bunch of stock photos that I use in the apps in the repo. I am not worried about being sued because I paid for the images, and I don’t think reasonable jury would convict someone for trying to share something they paid for.

What I am trying to protect is the intellectual property of the image creator, so that they are not stolen from.

The images are not the full size originals in most cases, but I just want to know are there any ways to handle this, without me writing an image serialization component?


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Hi @datajuggler,

For legal reasons, I need to be clear that I am not a lawyer or an attorney and this is not legal advice. However, I do have some experience as a graphic designer and a web developer, so what follows is from my own personal experience.

It is hard if not impossible to completely prevent someone technically from taking images that don’t belong to them if they are determined. After all, when the photos are digitally rendered in their final form, they have to be viewable by the computer or device and can therefore be intercepted and captured.

The best way to protect the intellectual property of the photographer is to choose a license which explicitly limits the use of the images themselves. This won’t prevent someone from taking the images if they want to, but it will make it clear that anyone who does so is doing so against your wishes and against the wishes of the photographer.

If you want to go a bit further, you could also share a link in your license or documentation back to the stock photos that you used so that people who like those images can buy them for themselves. It’s a nice way to share credit and to help support the people who create the resources that you use.

Hope that helps!

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I thought about it after I posted this question, and for years I have posted stock photos on websites and I never worred about it.

I know there are JavaScript ways to disable right click ‘Save Picture As’, but you can’t disable someone taking a screenshot, so I feel as long as I am not posting the full size originals I am doing what I can.

Thanks for your reply, 

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You could place a watermark on the posted image to discourage usage. Even “save image as” won’t make it disappear.