Are Page Statistics available?

In the FAQ, I see an article about Statistics but, unfortunately, it is on a different type of stats. That FAQ is on ignoring specific file in a repository that might be skewing the stats on what distribution of coding languages a project uses.

I’m wondering where to find docs on how to poll server stats for specific files in our open source project?

(Some stats I review in other hosted sites include : files, hits, kbytes, pages, referrers, response codes, unique search strings, sites, unique URLs, unique user agents, usernames and visits.)

Our project is forked & distributed in uncounted ways. So many ways that we have no idea how many of the known 2.5 million+ downloads over the last 20 years are in active use.

But each installation has the option to check for updated plug-ins. And checking involves touching a particular set of text files in our Repository. The text is a list of compatible plug-ins with versioning info.

I’d like to gather stats on how much touching is happening with those files.

Is this possible? And where would I find the basic docs?

You want to get information about files downloaded onto the user’s computer?

Oh, I see.

May help.

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