Are Git and GitHub Desktop independent applications?

Some months ago, I installed GitHub Desktop (Version 2.8.2 x64) for Windows on my Windows 7 machine. I used GitHub Desktop to manage versions of my thesis, written in LaTeX, between my local machine and the GitHub cloud.

Now, an educational workshop I’m attending in a few weeks instructs me to install Git for Windows (

Are “Git for Windows” ( and “GitHub Desktop for Windows” ( completely independent applications? Will installing “Git for Windows” now, months after installing “GitHub Desktop for Windows” cause problems/interactions?

Hey @andrewdaviddeyoung :wave:


…is its own version control concept, on which GitHub (and others) are built. itself is a web-based UI for Git functions.

GitHub Desktop, is not necessarily a full replacement for, but is being tooled out to provide the same functionality in a standalone app, as the website does.

“Git for Windows,” is simply the ability to install Git, on Windows!

Hope that clears some things up!

You might want to consider giving this Guidepost a read-through:

…which might answer some more questions for you.

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