Are file jumps supposed to show up when you clone a repo using Git Bash?

I’ve been trying to learn Git and when using Git Bash to clone a repo of mine it seems to have included the file jump as its own folder with copies of the files it would lead to. Is it supposed to copy the file jump that way and if so is there a way to get it to ignore file jumps when I clone the repo?

This is how it appears on Github:

And this is how it appears on my local directory:

file-jump-2.png file-jump-3.png

It goes from that folder to the root which contains a separate index.html and js folder.

What do you mean with “jumps” files?

However when you run git clone you create a perfect clone of the remote repository, so all the files and directories you find in the repository on github are the same of the local clone.

If you want to ignore some files or  directories you must create a .gitignore file, for example if you want to ignore the file test.txt and the directory dir you have to add this line to the .gitignore file:


I hope I have solved your problem

Sorry I meant folder jumps:

So in the first screenshot the top item on the list is a folder jump to root, when I cloned the repo it copies the folder jump as a separate copy of a folder with the repo name, a root folder and then copies of everything within the root folder. Is there anyway to ignore these folder jumps?

I dont think it can be done, in most cases there is no reason to do it.