Are extensions reinstalled every time a Codespace is restarted?

When you restart a Codespace (after its timeout/shutdown period), are the extensions reinstalled, or the VS Code server knows and reuses the previous session/workspace state?

I’m asking because when I return to a previous used Codespace (after a while) some installed extensions (like ESLint) appears to have a “fresh install” behavior, because it asks again if it should “use node_modules/eslint for validation”

Thank you

It seems that the container environment is immutable, so it makes a new instance whenever you get out of it. The only persistent part is the volume mount used for it.

The entire container is persisted, so if you enter the same codespace, all your files will be there. However, if you’re creating a new codespace each time, what you describe will happen.

That’s weird, but good to know :slight_smile: .

I had the feeling it wasn’t being persisted, but maybe I’ve recreated the workspace, and didn’t noticed. I just started using Codespaces and tried on a few different repos.

That’s great to know the container is persisted. Less work to do on my VS Code extensions :+1:

Thank you