Are custom collections supported?

I have a Github Pages site here:

It sets up a custom collection in the _config.yml called “learn” which is implemented in the folder “_learn” as per

All this works perfectly in my local Jekyll testing using “bundle exec jekyll serve”, but github says the /learn/ folder is not found so I get 404 errors?  There is also no Jekyll build error reported on github. 

So what’s the deal?  Are custom collections even supported?

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The locally rendered home page looks like this, but you can see the github version is blank.  The custom collection is not being processed…

Ah, found the problem.  I am using a “docs” folder, so my _config.yml needed to be moved into the docs folder, which means I need to test jekyll locally using the following command line:

bundle exec jekyll serve -b /coyote -i -s docs

then everything works. Yay.

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