Arduino and the world of the paranormal

Hello GitHub members, I am new to the world of arduino. I have been looking over some of the projects many of you are making available I find them brilliant . Many of you may not understand what it is i do. I am a Paranormal investigator / ghost hunter. My job as a Paranormal investigator is to find ways to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that there is life after death. To continue in my research my job is to also find ways to create tools that are used in exploration. Technology and science are required for advancement,

I am looking into creating a pan and tilt camera tracking system with the combination of  IR sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, environmental sensors… Sensors that react to any changes with ability to track and record these changes via an infrared camera and arduino SD card module. It would be really interesting to track the movement of anything captured.

I am really interested in getting started on this what I would consider a very challenging project.

Thank you all