Arctic Vault in a post-apocalyptic scenario


I’ve asked myself the following:

Imagine a post-apocalyptic World, where some ppl are dependent on the insides of the arctic Vault for surviving, eg. Plant Seeds and so on. Then they find the Github Codebase. But all they have is a working x86 PC without any OS.

Question 1: Are Github storing some releases too, or only the sourcecode? I didn’t found any info about this.

Question 2: How they should build a Linux Kernel or something without an OS?

Question 3 (not github related): what is de pure minimum to build the linux kernel, in order to start from zero?

I know its pretty fictional, but the project is based on this scenario, and how are they going to know or being able to start from 0, to build a kernel and so on…

Summary from the Arctic Vault description:

The snapshot consists of the HEAD of the default branch of each repository, minus any binaries larger than 100KB in size. (Repos with 250+ stars retained their binaries.) Each was packaged as a single TAR file.

For greater data density and integrity, most data was stored QR-encoded, and compressed. A human-readable index and guide found on every reel explains how to recover the data.

The guide is also here:

So unless future users want to decode QR codes and untar by hand they need some kind of working, programmable computer and camera to start with.

Here’s the dependency list for the current stable (5.15.12), both for compiling and running (some of them optional): changes.rst « process « Documentation - kernel/git/stable/linux.git - Linux kernel stable tree Some of them are pretty heavy (especially the compilers). Replacing those from scratch would be a lot of work, you’d have to start with writing binary code for a minimal assembler and work your way up from there. :sweat_smile:

Then again, any OS you’ll hardly be able to write whatever tools and OS you might come up with to the storage media. Magnetized needles sound fun, but I don’t think anyone has a hand steady enough for any common HDD. :smile_cat: