Arctic vault contributor badge

why did my arctic vault contributor badge disappear?
I had the Arctic Code Vault Contributor badge but I can’t see it now?


There could be reasons, from you having changed your email, your account, or having deleted archived your Arctic Vault stored repositories, etc,

The question has been popping up a lot in this forum lately, so you’ll find the answer in other posts.

but I didn’t change my email I only changed my username and now I renamed it back to what it was and still no updates?
the repo is watson market

I wonder if that could be the cause. Many people are reporting here losing their Arctic badge, and usually there’s some change involved (username, email, or repository status).

You should read though the various post in this forums regarding the badge, the answer to why it went lost should be there. As for getting it back … that’s another matter, for I have no idea how the badge is handled behind the scene.

think this might be why
so is there a way to solve that

Interesting. Thanks for the link.

Hopefully setting the email to being visible will have backward effectiveness, but I wouldn’t bet on that. Sometimes there are just too many options and features at stake that applying a legitimate change end us disrupting other features. I guess these are the challenges of all big platforms.

In many years I’ve been using GitHub I’ve never changed my user name or email, to avoid these types of problems, I’ve only added additional contact emails to my account. I’ve also never hidden from public my email, for it makes little sense to me since when I release FOSS projects I’ll be adding my email to the LICENSE anyhow.

Sorry, but my badge has also disappeared, and I haven’t changed my email address. :frowning:

This happened to me as well, but the difference with mine is that the repos that earned me the badge are gone too. I haven’t changed any of my account information nor did I remove the repos that were added to the vault.

The Arctic vault repos have to be on GitHub (even if a copy is stored in the Arctic Vault) and also be active, if you set a repository to “archived” status then it won’t be eligible as counting for your stats, contributions, and for the Arctic badge.

Ah okay. The repos were no longer active, but I didn’t set them as archived. I didn’t delete them either.

Then in which sense “they’re gone too”?

Like the repos are no longer there. I didn’t delete them or anything. I didn’t touch the repos. Its like they disappeared along with the badge.

Update Our engineers pushed a fix for this problem yesterday, so it’s worth checking your profiles again.

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Thank you very much. I see my badge :sunny:

see my badge too thanks :grin: