Arctic archive program badge has disappeared


Today I noticed that Arctic archive program badge has been disappeared from my GitHub profile , has anybody else faced similar issue recently?


There was this thread fairly recently, where the issue was that the affected users had removed the email address connected to the archived commits from their accounts:

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Thanks for your message , I checked this thread before but this is not the case for me since I have not modified my email address in my profile settings…

Hey :wave:
Even I am facing the same issue since the other day.
Folks, do anyone know where to reach out to resolve this and the reason what made it to disappear. Any help is appreciated.

I also have lost the badge. And thread with e-mail changes did not help at all. Cause I can’t even remember last time I changed my e-mail.

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Hi All,

We have received a few similar reports, and our engineers have determined that this happened for users who made contributions using the GitHub-provided “noreply” email address, but replaced their actual username with the more generic “username” (e.g.{9-digit-number}

GitHub’s Engineering team is currently investigating this issue. We can’t provide an ETA of when this might be resolved, but it’s being actively looked at.

GitHub Support

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Same here. Today, I noticed that Arctic Code Vault Contributorbadge has been disappeared from my GitHub profile.

@zerefati I have just had a look and your Arctic Code Contributions are also linked to the GitHub-provided “noreply” email address, with your actual username replaced with the more generic “username”. So you are running into the same issue. Thanks for your patience while our Engineering Team is working on this.

Thanks for your swift reply.

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Hi all, My Arctic Code Vault Contributor badge has also disappeared, kindly help. I have not changed any email address whatsoever.
Shaukat Hussain

Me too…

I am also an innocent victim.

I lost the badge months ago. I reported it via mail but still haven’t got it back.


I didn’t do anything regarding my username and email, and my badge disappeared. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, my badge has disappeared, and I haven’t changed my email address

My badge has also disappeared, and haven’t changed any email address :frowning:

There can be mainly two reasons behind that,
Either you have changed the email address.
Or you have deleted the repository which you have contributed to Arctic Archive Program

Hello. I have the same problem. I have not changed my username or email since I created my account.

P.S. August 10. The problem has been resolved.

Me too…my badge has disappeared.

My badge is back!

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Update Our engineers pushed a fix for this yesterday, so definitely check your profiles now. If you still don’t see it, make sure you clear your browser cache before opening a ticket.