apt-get install git-all -- BREAKAGE on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I’m new to git & github.  I found a software project the other day that I feel I might like to contribute some modest code changes to.  The project is hosted on github, and some online docs relating to this project do talk about commits and branches and so forth, so It seems clear that the project developers want and expect contributors to use the git/github way of making contributions.

No problem! (I thought)  I’ll just pop on over to my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system and install whatever the heck I need so that I can start to learn all of the git/github conventions and procedures.

Well, I quickly found that I was expected to do “apt-get install git-all”, which I did, but it failed.   I posted about this on one of the Ubuntu forums, but nobody seems to give a rat’s ass.  (I can’t even get an “Amen!”):


Fortunately, a lttle googling turned up what may be a workable solution.  (I dunno, as I haven’t tried it yet.)


I hope this fix works.  But more to the point, I am really kind of stunned and amazed that the software to make use of one of the most popular software development support systems (git/github) can’t even be reliably installed, “out of the box” on THE most popular Linux distro.

So, you know, as Jerry Seinfeld would say “What’s up with that?”

Who takes responsibility?  Anybody?

Hi @ronbaby,

As I can’t see the error log in the Unbuntu forum without registering an account, would you mind pasting the part of the output with the error that you’re experiencing?