April Showers ☔ , Bring May Check-ins [GitHub Help Check-in]

A new month has brought a fresh start to the forum. You may have seen our team hard at work tidying up the forum to make sure it is fresher than ever: marking solutions, categorizing the uncategorized, and more. Also a new month brings a new opportunity to learn something new - challenge yourself!

Let’s get started with some shoutouts :mega: Thanks to these community members for keeping it :100:

  • @jdevstatic - you can find them all over the community, even in the lesser-visited uncategorized area, but they are always happy to lend a hand. Check out some of their most recent work in GitHub Help here, here, and here.
  • @TarunavBA has been offering direct and helpful replies in GitHub and we’ve been loving it! See them in action on this post and this one.

:new: New articles, new releases are waiting for you!

  • Friendly Fork Series from the GitHub Blog: Read Part One and Part Two of this two-part series describing friendly forks and alternative strategies for managing them from @ldennington.
  • Tritanopia Colorblind Theme in Beta: A new Tritanopia colorblind theme for blue/yellow color blindness is now available to all github.com users in a public beta. Learn how to enable this on your profile.

:female_detective: Help solve the unsolved! We’ve been working on answering the unanswered, but you can help too… get started with these below:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Please take time to care for yourself, no matter how big or small that care may be :sparkling_heart:


Love this! Thank you @liligalante for the update + massive thanks to @jdevstatic & @TarunavBA for jumping in and helping others solve their problems :pray: