Appstudio file changes are not recognized by GitHub

Hey, I’m having some issues with my GitHub desktop configuration.
I’m currently using appstudio to write some js code and would like to create a repository and share it via github. After creating my repository (same name as appstudio file e.g. newtry.appstudio) and publishing it, I went back to my original file and made changes within appstudio. My hope was to see those changes in GitHub desktop and to be able to share my repository. However my published repository doesn’t show any code on the original website, neither does GitHub desktop recognize any of my local changes within my appstudio file. Any ideas what the issue could be? Thanks for your help!

:wave: Welcome!

I haven’t used appstudio, but it’s worth checking a couple of things

  1. Check that the path you’re using for the local repository is the same both on appstudio and GitHub Desktop

  2. Try making an edit to the same file using a different application, like a text editor to see if those changes are reflected in GitHub Desktop.