Approving workflow runs feedback

Hey, I work on standards at the WHATWG and I’m wondering if there are ways to make “Approve and run” a bit less tedious for us. There are basically two scenarios:

  • First-time contributor from an entity that signed the WHATWG Participation Agreement. In this case our bot knows the person is trustworthy and it would be ideal if the bot could relay that somehow so “Approve and run” doesn’t have to be pressed manually.
  • First-time contributor that might not have signed the agreement. In this case manually approving is fine, but it would be nice if once approved, no additional approval would be needed for subsequent commits in response to feedback. A variant of this is a maintainer doing the subsequent commits. Even then you have to press “Approve and run” which is a little weird for your own commits (even if they are to a remote branch).

Thanks for your consideration!

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