Apply issue label based on current filter?

The label functionality for issues in Github is great. I can create a link to show people existing issues that have that label, e.g.:

However, if they view the current issues with that label, but decide theirs is new and click ‘New issue’, the newly create issue doesn’t have that label selected. The odds of them noticing and selecting the label themselves seem…low.

Is there a way to (a) first take them to the existing issues via a link, then (b) make sure the appropriate label is applied if they click ‘New issue’?


You can achieve this kind of thing through the use of issue templates. When you add issue templates to a repository, it shows a menu of the issue types available. Each template can have labels assigned to them, which then adds those labels to the resulting issue.

I hope that helps!

Thanks! At least that way they’d be forced to choose an issue type, and things would get the appropriate label(s).