Apply for student pack again

Hi everybody,

I am a student and have applied for the student about a year or so ago, as Github is sending me reminders that I need to reapply for the discount. However, the webpage is, after logging in, linking back to itself when clicking on Get Benefits. When clicking on the Github link for applying, it just directly throws me at the billing page which I so far don’t want as I am still a student and will be for some more years (thanks Github I guess?). I wrote a mail to support about a week ago, but there wasn’t any reaction so far, apart from the automated response.

What am I doing wrong in my application for a student request?

Thanks in advance

Hi there @Stern1710 ,

You can definitely just re-apply as soon as your current benefits end. However, I understand a more ‘solid’ solution could be desirable. I’d suggest waiting for GitHub Support to get back to you, from my point of view you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Thanks. I’ll eventually do this. I’d just appreciate it highly that one can reapply/prolong it before it expires and one my loose access to things such as the computation time etc., I mean many other companies provide such methods which is kind of disappointing for me that Github is not providing this.

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Sorry - I think sometimes this gets confusing. You should be able to apply here:

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Thank you a lot, that site is a life saver in my eyes. So weird I couldn’t find that one

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