Applied for student dev pack, just got the PRO badge

I applied to Github Student Developer Pack in early Jan this year and never heard back as they said before Feb 24.

However, I now have the PRO badge displaying on my profile, which lets me think if my application was a success, and if yes how come I haven’t got access to any of the student dev pack perks?

If no, I don’t remember myself paying for the PRO plan of Github so maybe there’s something I’m missing out on.


Hey @heytulsiprasad Github education is kinda messed up and slow.
They asked me to wait for a month after my application.
A month later they sent me a mail asking me to wait for another whole month.
Till now i’ve got no response from them.
But in your case i guess they just forgot to mail you like what happened here.
You can check out Github education to see if your application was accepted.