Appeal decision about my repository named wenwenyu/PICK-pytorch repository has been disabled by GitHub Staff as a result of a sensitive data removal request without any notification or reason and dispute in advance

Dear Admin,

I’m the owner of the repository named wenwenyu/PICK-pytorch.

Just a day ago, my repository was disabled by GitHub Staff as a result of a sensitive data removal request. This decision does not give me more details about sensitive data in advance, then Github Stuff directly disabled it. Besides, GitHub Asks User to Make Changes was been ignored by official staff. I even do not know what sensitive data I have in my repository.

I have to Dispute the Request*. Please Github Staff give me more details reasons about sensitive data
which complainant proposed. User Notifies GitHub of Changes is all I need.

Ticket ID: 870748

Best regards,
Wenwen Yu

:wave: Welcome!

I’m afraid we can’t deal with sensitive information on the public forums. I can see you’ve already contacted the correct team and your ticket is in the correct queue.

I hope it gets sorted for you soon.

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Hi, @canuckjacq, thank you for your reply.

I will wait the reply from the support team.

Thank you again.


@canuckjacq, Hi, I am the co-author of this repo, before making it public, we did self-checking to make sure we did not upload any sensitive data. And, we don’t think it is proper that you disabled it with just a machine-generated email in which you did not provide any evidence. So, we may think it could be a kind of racial discrimination. If so, we may feel the shame of Github’s open-source spirit.