Apparently github abuse reports are not reviewed

Few weeks back I got one of my project spammed with fake PRs from and I reported it to github, in addition to blocking the user.

Today I receive another fake PR from the same bot, which seems to have a talent in doing changes that look genuine but make no sense at all.

If any human would have looked at activity of this account they would have realised these are not human make, following patterns like renaming common files or changing few words. Still, there is no reason why such account should not have being disabled completely in this time.

What can we do to improve github ability to stop such actions and really act on reported abuse?

I can assure you that all abuse reports are reviewed by humans.

I’m sorry that you’ve had a repeat offence - our procedures normally do prevent that, but they aren’t perfect. Another abuse report will definitely be seen, and both the current activity and past activity will be reviewed.

You can make sure that you don’t hear from them again, even while you wait -

You can create limits on who can contribute to your organisation:

You can also block specific problematic users so you don’t have to wait for your report to be reviewed.