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Hey! I am 16 years old and have recently been spending my time planning out and sketching a design for a very simple dating-like app. Problem is, I have no experience in coding whatsoever, nor do I have the funds to pay someone to develop an app. I’ve spent days searching the internet to find a tutorial, resource, or person that would help me build a very simple app (or prototype), but due to no other app on the market like mine, there are no tutorials on how to build such an app. I am in desperate need of resources or even a person that would offer their free time to help me build an application that is compatible for both iOS and Android. I do not own a Mac, nor a computer powerful enough to run a “virtual Mac”, but I would like to develop my app into a prototype, or even a real app! I’m not looking to create the next revolutionary app, but I’ll like to at least feel the proud of myself for developing my idea. If there are any resources that I could use, or preferably a person that would gladly like to here my app idea and work with me in private if they like it, then please let me know. Thank you in advance

If there is such a person out there that would like to see my written plan and sketch, please be proficient in communication (both verbal and written) and proficient in the English language.

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