App development

Good day,

I am not familiar with coding or development at all but have so many app ideas. What is the best and/or most user friendly software to use to develop an app in? I have tried googling but no luck. Thank you

Well man if you want to develop something you need to learn some "coding or development " stuff !

youtube is full of educational channels like :

For ME there is not " best user friendly software " maybe i use a IDE that is hard for you to learn…

but you can try all the stuff of they are very nice…

let us know ! bye!

If you’re interested in learning to code, or just learning how to make informed decisions about your coding questions/direction, have a play with the GO programming language - it’s created by the geeks at Google with contributions from the open source crowd.

Or you could find some programmers to develop your app ideas? Good ideas are always in high demand.