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Hello everyone,
i am programming for a while now and i want to start a bigger project. The aim is to develop a extensionable app that is easy to customize. I want to begin with a calendar „module“ followed by a music player, so I want to design an UI with multiple frames/ windows like Atom’s or VS Code‘s split screen but more customizable by the user. My question is which language should I use for this program? I thought about Java, Scala or HTML with JavaScript and the electron framework. I hope you can help me and I am looking forward for some helpful advices and answers. Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely

Hi AncientByte! Recently I’ve started my own project in pure Tcl/Tk. Take a look at the screenshot - there are multiple tabs with a close button(which isn’t that simple to implement bu the way), may be you’ll like how it looks like. Tcl/Tk programs are cross-platform and might be turned into single executable files. Tcl/Tk runs even on android. Don’t bu confused if you’ve never coded in Tcl - it’s pretty simple language, I’ve started to code in it just for about couple of weeks ago)). Feel free to contact me on any questions via e-mail:  [sensitive info removed by moderator]

Best regards, Maksim

Hey maksimKorzh,

thank you for your answer, Tcl looks nice and your are right I have not seen this language.

Maybe I can use it especially because of its simplicity but I wanted to practise one of the mentioned languages, before I start looking at another. Nevertheless thank you very much! I am sure I can use it in the future.

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Hey @maksimkorzh,

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Hope this helps!

I recently created an app with the team at Apps Plus they had a lot more knowledge about coding than me. However, my app was quite similar to the one you’re describing an extensional app. From my knowledge, I think your coding could work to create the app. 

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