APP development suggestions for IoT

Hi guys, 

I am working on building an IoT project. Currently, I am starting from scratch. 

I just want a phone APP to control an IoT board (RTL8195/ RTL8710).

Any suggestions for building the system?

BTW I am an embedded system software engineering so I bearly know the phone APP development. 

Following are my reference IoT system, 

This video is a small embedded project named “LCD 24H Clock” featuring RealtekTM Ameba RTL8195 development board as the microcontroller. The Ameba board is pre-programmed with code written in Arduino IDE and connects to the LCD screen via I2C protocol.

The 24H clock is capable of displaying hour, minute and second on the LCD screen and counting up to 24 hours. It will reset itself after time has passed longer than 24 hours. If you are interested in this project, you may download the source code and detailed instructions on our website and GitHub as follows,

You are also more than welcomed to join our online community to meet more makers and hobbyist, Official pages

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YouTube channel,

BiliBili channel,

Hey @m-ichae-l! This sounds very cool. I am doing my masters in Electrical Engineering and one of my specializations is in industrial IoT. 

With respect to making this IoT system work, I suggest building it out incrementally. I would get some basic controls working from your computer with the hardware. Then, move the control to a web app hosted on your local port.  Finally, once that’s done and working, you can wrap the whole thing in an app on your phone pretty easily. 

Good luck! 

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