API URL format for enterprise accounts


I am trying to achieve the Salesforce-GIT integration, I am able to complete this with my own developer Account from salesforce to github. But when I try implement this for the enterprise GIT account it is not working…
Example : “'https://api.github.com/user/repos” => how this URL will change for enterprise Account ??

And if Organizations GIT Account is using 2 factors Authentication then how will the process of using access token will change?

Requesting the help in order to confirm the URL…


List current authneticated user repos (e.g.the user of the token used for authenfication

List a users public repositories

List organization repositories
(you will need permissions on the orgnanization and your token authorised for the target Organization)

2FA will does not impact token use, it only pevents the use of basic credentials being used for API authentication, which is deprecated and being removed from github.com anyway.

Hi @byrneh,

Thanks for the reply…

If I am using git.abcCompanyName.com here the organization name is “abcCompanyName” so can I use below
The List organization repositories

Is this correct ?


@ashish-jadhav01, correct