API Integration - Web Form for Lead Geneneration

Hi guys, I really hope I can get some guidance here so I at least can move towards the right direction.

I am a partner to a company that I drive traffic to. Every campaign I get they send me these API documentations which I kind of understand but can’t implement it myself and I’m basically stuck.

What I am trying to achieve is this:

A web form in PHP is on a homepage. I want that web form to register user when they submit their data.

  • User enter data in web registration form PHP (Website)
    Parameters: Firstname, Lastname, Email, Password, Phone, CountryID, Checkbox, Form

Question: How and where do I start writing the code here? What I have in my documentation is this:

Include scripts after form tag ends:

<scrip t



//optional if you use in the PlexopAPI.CallBack(‘PlexopStart’);
you must set the flag as true

</scrip t>

Please advice, any type of guidance on how I can get this to work would be nice. I would be so greatful!

Thanks in advance guys