API: How to add a issue into organization project board

The defined api states

POST /projects/columns/:column_id/cards
content_id integer The issue or pull request id you want to associate with this card. You can use the List issues for a repository and List pull requests endpoints to find this id.
Note: Depending on whether you use the issue id or pull request id, you will need to specify Issue or PullRequest as the content_type.

However this does not work with the issue ids from the repositories. I expect they cant as they are not unique. How do I specify from what repository to to get the issue? As it is defined as an integer it leaves little room for the standard schmea of :org\:repo#:id.

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Wild guess for workaround: try using the number field (in place of id). I’ve seen huge values there, so I assume they are unique.

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Using the issue’s id works for me (with PyGithub)