API for sponsorship

Is there an API to access sponsorship information?

What I’d like to have:

connect via PHP to GitHub

  1. check the total amount of money earned per month

as displayed here:


  1. obtain the list of sponsors (their email address) and their sponsor tier ($ per month)

having known their email address and tier, I can automatically grant badges/ranks/colors on my own forum for my supporters.




Hi @gregslazinski,

Thank you for being here! Per @devonzuegel:

" We’re currently building an Activity Timeline that shows a bunch of different types of events, including transactions. We’re also planning to build a transaction CSV download that you can export to do this sort of analysis on. We’re projecting that both of these will be out in the next month or two. 😊

In the meantime, you could look at (a) what tier a sponsor was on and (b) look up when you received the celebration email saying that they’ve started sponsor you as a fairly good approximation of how much they’ve sponsored you in total."

To read more about “Viewing your sponsors and sponsorships” and “Contacting your sponsors”:

I hope this helps!

You can learn about the Sponsors API and see public sponsor-related schema info by going to developer.github.com/v4/explorer and searching "sponsor" in the search bar to the right, halfway down the page:


My post got removed? How would you write GraphQL to see if a particular user has sponsored you? I don’t want to paginate through all the sponsors, specially when the rateLimit is 5000 requests per hour!?