API for repository's wiki

From my understanding and experience, you cannot use GitHub API’s to interact with a repository’s wiki.

Given that the wiki is git-backed I assumed that calls to the API using the following would work:

owner: 'owner',
repo: 'repository.wiki'

However, but these result in 404 s. (at least for this method).

I truly think having this would open the doors to having automatically updated wiki pages. (leaderboards or statistics pages are just some examples).

Are there any plans for exposing at least a subset of the API (to enable a getReference -> createTree -> createCommit -> updateRef flow) for wikis as well anytime in the future?


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There currently aren’t any plans to add API support for wikis, no. You can automatically update wikis however by writing scripts that use Git to update them.

I hope that helps!

I was already employing that approach, successfully.

The main “behind-the-scenes” reason I posted this question was in light of the rise of serverless computing services over the last years.

Most, if not all serverless running environments don’t expose git as a readily available resource. However, in the case of AWS Lambda functions, I managed to bypass this by installing the binary version of git on each function call.

This installation, among all remote interactions with github via git can become a bit computationally heavy in the case of simple actions, adding an overhead.

Instead, I reckon a direct API call would be the go-to option for most developers that find themselves in similar scenarios.

Anyway, thanks for the prompt reply!

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Any changes in plans after a year?


I would also be interested in this.