API for accessing inputs of workflow dispatch run


We trigger workflow dispatch with a set of inputs. This results in workflow runs and workflow jobs.

Currently, GitHub API has endpoints for getting runs and jobs. But none of them contain the inputs of the workflow dispatch that triggered the run/jobs in the first place.

I wonder if there is some other endpoint that could be used for obtaining the inputs of a workflow run (when the run is of type workflow_dispatch).


I would love to see the dispatch endpoint return a run_id rather than 204 No Content. Right now there’s no good way to associate a trigger with the run and jobs it creates other than scraping. And as @scriptnull said, that’s difficult if the runs don’t store info about the inputs they were triggered with.


I agree, this seems like a bit of a gap in the API in that you cannot link the workflow_dispatch event to the resulting workflow run. I also had the same idea of putting a correlation id as one of the inputs so that I could go through the list of runs to try and match it up with the event, but the inputs to the run cannot be extracted