Api filter(search) branches by name

Is it possible, using gihub api v3, get a list of branches in a repository that matches a name (or part of the name), looking for a branch search support?

By looking at the docs I can get the branch list or get info for a single specific branch, but I can’t find a search support? 



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Good question.

If I’m understanding what you’re describing correctly, you’ll have to get the list of all branches and then do the matching or filtering yourself. There isn’t a “search for a branch” feature in the GitHub API.

I hope that helps!


Is this the same behavior still?
As I went through the documentation, I could not find a proper API to perform search on Branches and Tags.
Is there an API available for searching branches and tags now?

That’s correct. There is not a “search for a branch” feature in the GitHub API.