API doesn't handle "Releases Only" watching subscription

If there’s a better place to report this please let me know.

I noticed this doesn’t work on either API v4 neither v3.

If I execute this GraphQL query on a repository I’m watching:

  repository(owner: "myusername", name:"reponame") {

It returns correctly: “viewerSubscription: SUBSCRIBED”.

But if I change my subscription to “Releases Only”, the same query returns: “viewerSubscription: null”.

And the rest api returns not found.

Please make it support something like “viewerSubscription: RELEASES”.
Also update the UpdateSubscription mutation accordingly.

This is for the DevHub app.


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Hey @brunolemos!

Good call - I’ve reported this internally, and we’ll take a look at fixing this so that you can fetch information about a users’ release-only subscriptions. I’ll update this post when I have more info!


Any chance of an update on this, and if/when we may be able to see it in the API?