API check whether OAuth Client ID/Secret are valid?


I’m developing a tool to automate configuration and deployment of an OAuth app authenticating via GitHub (JupyterHub), and I frequently see users mistype OAuth ClientId or secret when configuring auth.

Is there a way to programmatically verify that the OAuth Client ID and Secret are correct, so the users can be warned immediately rather than wait for post-deployment with failures? That way a command line toll we’re writing could validate the configs before deployment.

We can assume the user running this code has authenticated to GitHub (i.e., has a personal access token).

PS: it would be even better if there’s a programmatic way to register/manipulate OAuth apps?


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Hi @mjuric,

Thanks for being here and elaborating on your use case. It’s currently not possible to automate the creation of an OAuth app.

We already received similar feature requests from other customers and I added you to the list of requesters in our internal tracking system.