Anyway to bypass GitHub bot check?

I was creating a new account;
I need to do 10 of those Math questions, “which of them adds up to 14?”

AGAIN in the Email preferences page!
And in the choose plan page AGAIN.
And I give up.

I only have one chance to use the audio option.
But why, is this really necessary? This is really hard for me, makes me wondering if I am really a human.

Really? Github really?

By the way, they are very interesting, it shows 5 question to go first. But once one finished 5, the goal will jump to 10.



:wave: Welcome!

That doesn’t sound like it’s behaving properly.

I’ve reported this to the team so they can investigate. In the meantime, changing your network connection or proxy can make a difference to the difficulty level sometimes, in case that helps.

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