Anybody else lost "view pull request" button in gmail?

Hi, i am used to rely on the `view issue" and “view pull request” buttons in gmail inbox. But since couple of days I stopped seeing them. Any idea what could be wrong?


Hi @akostadinov,

I’m still seeing them in my Google Inbox view. Are you able to show us a screenshot of what you’re seeing now?


Hi, attaching a screenshot. Regacred private repo names and people, but you can see that by an older pull request, I still see button. But for newer ones - there is no button displayed.

I have the same problem!

Hi @akostadinov and @amcastro-tri,

I checked with our engineering team and they are already looking into this particular issue. I don’t have a timeline for when this will be fixed, but they are working on it.


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Thank you so much @that-pat! does this mean there is a bug you guys found? I am still wondering if something is just wrong with my github or gmail accounts. Did anything change lately on your side that could cause this?

Hi @amcastro-tri,

There is a bug and we’re still working out if it’s on our end or on Gmail’s end. This has to do with improvements to one of our recent integrations.


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Ah! thank you. Good to know I was not alone on this

Same problem here.

The problem still persists at both old and new gmail.


Thank you for the update. We’re still looking into this and working with the necessary teams.

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In Google Inbox all works fine, but no buttons in Gmail. Google shuts down Inbox in March 2019, would be nice we get back the feature in Gmail till then.

Hey friends, it’s December and these are still gone. Any ETA?


Hello from the future! Well it appears that the links are working again - how does one disable these sorts of “view pull request” links in gmail?