Any way to add Microsoft Authentication to Jekyll site in GitHub Pages

I am creating a knowledge base for our organization using a Jekyll website hosted on GitHub pages.

We don’t have any sensitive information on the knowledge base, but we want to still have authentication just in case we want to have more internal information posted there.

Our organization uses Microsoft 365 for our user accounts with 100+ emoloyees. Is there a way to add Microsoft Authentication to a Jekyll site that is hosted on GitHub Pages? Is there a better way to host it to add Microsoft Auth?

GitHub pages only serves static sites, it is not possible to run any back-end code for authentication. An alternative would be to make the site private which authenticates through GitHub Changing the visibility of your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs, this feature however is only available for organizations with GitHub Enterprise Cloud.

That’s what I feared.

I was just hoping someone would have an interesting idea. I’ve seen a Jekyll Google Auth plugin for GitHub and was hoping there was something similar for Microsoft Authentication and Jekyll.