Any GIT push action, which display post-receive hook output?

I’m using action to push my built codebase to the bare repository on remote server. This works well. However, on that bare repo, I have a post-receive hook, which echoes some debugging output. From GIT docs I expect that this output should be available to the action, which acts as a GIT client. However, this action doesn’t output this.

Do you know about any alternative, which provides this feature?


What way are you using to trigger the post-receive hook?
Maybe, you can try to trigger the post-receive hook via a step in your workflow, and get the payload from the response. In the payload, you should can get the information you require.

I’m currently doing things manually via

    - name: Push to dev server
        GIT_SSH_COMMAND: "ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no"
        REMOTE_REPO: ${{ secrets.DEV_REPO }}
      run: |
        echo Push to dev server
        eval `ssh-agent -s`
        ssh-add - <<< "${{secrets.DEV_DEPLOYMENT_KEY}}"
        git remote add staging "${REMOTE_REPO}"
        git push staging -f

This works fine, it seems. I just wondered if there’s any prepackaged action, which displays this output.