Any event or plugin to validate changes when creating pull request

Hi All,

We have requirement to check wheather there any errors in code changes and giving back alert to devloper when we are creating pull request from git. Please advise is there any pre defined plugins or events availble in Git already.

we need a plug or even to validate the code and return message to if any errors developer or send to reviewer    for review while creating new pull request from Git.

Please advise.



Hi @venkatanaganti,

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To answer your question, you have a few different options. You could use a GitHub App like Probot to automatically check code that is in a Pull Request and prevent that Pull Request from being merged if it doesn’t meet all of the criteria that you set forth. For mor complicated checks, you could set up a suite of tests using Continuous Integration which can run those tests when you push to a Pull Request and then will send a status back to GitHub on whether or not those tests pass or fail. You can also check out the GitHub Marketplace to see if any of the tools available there would fit your use case.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I can help with anything else.


Thank you pat for your quick response.

I am new to Github, I will gothroguh the suggested links mean time please suggest if any specific plugin or configuration is available to validate my own rules when developer creating the pull request. or any other way to execute my own script or java program or glang to integrate with github while creating the pull request or after created the pull request also fine.

My actaula intention is if the developer committed code changes not met the defind validations then the pull request should fail with proper message. This action should be before the jenkins build execute and say build faild(i. e if there is any issue in code not even execute the jenkin build and tests on jenkins).

Please suggest any similor technics if already available.

Thanks in advance.



Hi @venkatanaganti,

The links that I sent you should fit your requirements, I think. It is possible that another community member might have a different solution though.


Thank you That-Pat.